There is no denying that a guitar is the most important thing that will be stored in your guitar case, but that’s not to say that other items shouldn’t be included also. By keeping guitar accessories in your guitar case, you know exactly where they are should you need them. Plus, it reduces the chances of things being lost or broken. 
The Essential Things to Keep in Your Guitar Case 
There are a lot of things to consider when choosing what to keep in your guitar case. Though you want to be prepared and have everything you need, you don’t want to be weighed down and you don’t want to run out of space. Everyone will have slightly different preferences when it comes to storing things in their guitar case, but here is a list of some helpful items that most guitarists would recommend. 
- A Strap 
- Cable and Cable Replacement 
- Picks and Pick Holders 
- Spare Strings 
- A Tuner 
- A Capo 
You might be tempted to only take the basics of what you need, but you could find yourself coming up short should more strings break than you are expecting or you’re suddenly without a pick. This is why you should keep extra picks and strings in your guitar case, so you can relax knowing that you always have enough. You might also want to keep a towel or cloth in there, to wipe down strings and remove oils, sweet and grease after use. 
Other Things to Keep in a Guitar Case 
As well as the bare necessities, a lot of guitarists keep other things in their guitar case. For example, some choose to take string cleaner with them and others choose to pack a string winder in their case. Ear plugs and batteries are also commonly kept in a guitar case, should you be playing a guitar that requires you to use them. It’s also beneficial to keep guitar tools in your case, if you have the room to do so. This ensures you can do any maintenance and fix any problems should they arise, regardless of where you are. 
Guitar Cases at Scott Dixon 
At Scott Dixon, you will find a whole host of lightweight guitar cases. There really is something for everyone, regardless of whether you are storing a personal acoustic guitar or multiple guitars and heading on the road. All of our guitar cases are lightweight, aluminium and 100% recyclable. This means they are easy to carry and travel with, but also safe and secure. Find out more about our lightweight guitar cases by getting in touch with the Scott Dixon team. 
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