BACK IN 1994… 

We remember as if it were yesterday. Following a contract with the Ministry of Defence, we had a surplus of military grade aluminium that we were authorised to either dispose of or use however we wished. Whilst the first option would have been much easier, we instead decided to give this extremely lightweight material a new purpose. 
The result was the ability to build the highest quality of case that could take a beating whilst weighing a fraction of those of our competitors. It proved so successful that we never looked back and have been using this fantastic type of aluminium ever since. 


As well as being the only people who use this particular grade of highly versatile aluminium, we also design every case to suit the exact needs of our customers. It’s not just the size that can be customised, as we also relish the challenge of supplying cases that solve specific problems. 
Whether it’s a case that can accommodate multiple guitars whilst effectively separating and cushioning them, or speaker cabinets that combine robustness with manoeuvrability, we’re here to get the job done in no time. 


For many years our slogan of “Making the world a lighter place” has applied to all of our protective casing solutions. When you take into account the cost of transporting music equipment by air, our lightweight aluminium cases reduce the weight considerably. 
Meanwhile, airlines that have increased their price per unit can prove very expensive when moving equipment individually, whereas our double and triple guitar cases result in a much smaller fee. Depending on how much you carry with you and how often you fly, our lightweight aluminium cases can significantly reduce your annual costs. 


From a contract with Fender Guitars to large-scale projects for the BBC, we’ve dedicated ourselves to continuous improvement, innovation and creativity to essentially transform the way equipment is stored, transported and protected. 
Word soon spread about how we solve problems for the music, media and entertainment industries, leading to Scott Dixon also being a go-to supplier of protective cases for the public sector. We’re very proud to have worked with the police, ambulance service and operating theatres to create lightweight aluminium cases for highly sensitive equipment and technical apparatus. 


Whilst our ingenuity means that we’re always improving our existing products and experimenting with new ideas, we’ve never veered from our commitment to customer service. Everyone we work with is shown the same respect, patience, attention to detail and can-do attitude that they deserve, plus we’re always happy to explain how we turn our conceptual drawings into the finished product. 






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