It doesn’t matter whether you are buying a guitar case for the very first time or you are replacing one that you have had for years, there are a fair few things to think about. This is why we are frequently asked the same sort of questions by our customers, all of whom want to know the ins and outs of buying a guitar case. To keep things as simple and straightforward as possible when you are in the market for a new case, we have answered some guitar case FAQs. 
Guitar Case FAQs 
How Are Guitar Cases Made?  
Guitar cases are usually made from hard plastic or metal - at Scott Dixon, we use a lightweight aluminium - that is worked into the shape of a guitar. There are a variety of guitar cases available, all of which are moulded into slightly different shapes. This ensures there is a perfectly fitting guitar case for every instrument. 
How Do Hard Shell Cases and Soft Shell Cases Differ?  
A hard shell guitar case is usually more durable than a soft shell case, which is why they are the ‘go to’ choice for a lot of musicians. However, some soft shell cases are cheaper to buy and they are often regarded as being more budget friendly. 
Why is a Guitar Case Important?  
A guitar case is there to protect your guitar when you are carrying it, and to keep all of your guitar accessories and necessities in one place. They also protect guitars from dirt, dust and debris. 
Why is a Lightweight Guitar Case Beneficial?  
Lightweight cases are generally easier to carry, as they weigh less than their more solid counterparts. This makes them perfect for those who need to move around with their instruments on a regular basis, such as anyone who travels or tours with a guitar. Simply, a lightweight guitar case is more convenient for travelling. 
What is the Best Way to Transport a Guitar?  
Regardless of how you are travelling, the best way to transport a guitar is in a guitar case. This will provide you with a protective shell for the guitar, as well as a handle for easy carrying. 
At Scott Dixon, we understand the importance of having a guitar case. That is why we provide a vast selection of lightweight, aluminium and recyclable cases. These are ideal for guitar storage, as well as for travelling. To find out more about any of our lightweight guitar cases, get in touch with our helpful team. 
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