Triple Row Range


Triple Row Range

Triple Guitar Cases, Triple Bass Cases, Double Acoustic Cases

Each Triple Row Case™ will hold up to three items of guitar or bass guitar shape, and depending on the intended contents, we will design and produce your case using precise measurements for the best fit possible. In the past we have also modified these cases to house firearms for the Ministry of Defence, so they are not specifically limited to instruments, despite that being their original concept. The current standard Triple Row Cases™ are MK5 designs, meaning that these cases have been tested and perfected over the years to reach the stage that they are today. Using our high impact foam, we have implemented our Patent Pending adjustable Neck, Head, and Body Block systems into each one of our Triple Row Cases™, which act as separation devices to firmly support and cushion each of your instruments individually. This method ensures that any heavy shock on the case will not cause the instruments to strike one another, leaving them tightly supported - yet easy to remove when needed. The cases also come with a mounted allen key for easy adjustments and a set of bungee chords, for extra piece of mind when securing your guitars.Since the success of our Triple Row Cases™ range, we have also manufactured Double Acoustic and Double Bass cases to cover a variety of customer needs. Rest assured that once your precious instruments are in tucked securely inside a Scott Dixon Inc® case, they are in the best care possible.

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Made in the UK and Shipped Worldwide.

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