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"When I placed my order, I mentioned a tour I had coming up in about a month, but I wasn't hopeful the case would arrive in time, especially since I'm in the US. To my surprise it arrived in less than three weeks, and the craftsmanship looks impeccable! As a working musician, I really appreciate that sort of professional, attentive service..”

John D. Cronise


"II trust my case to keep my girls safe and with such a fantastically built case I never have a doubt in my mind. Truly great products highly recommended to everyone. 
Big love from THIRTEEN STARS.”

Jax Sedgwick

The most dependable guitar cases of all time! Beautifully designed to keep your three guitars safe and sound. Being a travelling musician, I know I can relax with my guitars in the Scott Dixon Inc Case!

Bobby Keller

The sort of carnage I'd be contemplating if I didn't have this fantastic product available to keep the rigours of touring at bay is terrifying.

If that isn't enough, I cannot say enough about what an exceptional gentleman John Dixon consistently proves himself to be. Patient, inventive and effortlessly understanding as to what touring musicians have to deal with.

Terence Reis

Best case I've owned in 15 years of touring around the world. John and Lee have always gone above and beyond to help me out. Don't think about it, just buy the best case you could ever fly with.

Scott Middleton

"One of those products that make you go wow! Great for any gigging guitarist wether pro or semi pro. Not only does the case protect your "babies" when traveling but it doubles as a guitar stand at gigs. Fantastic craftsmanship and well worth every penny.
Highly recommended.”

Dan Ranger

All I can say is you will never need to buy another case, I put mine thru pure Hell and never a dent ,I trust my Custom Guitars in that case ,you can't go wrong with a Scott Dixon Case

Shredder Pinstripe

Scott Dixon products are made by Master Craftsman to aircraft quality .Made with old school precision skills not seen very often in the modern age.I have called and seen the guys making them, great attention to detail no wonder these are so popular 
I have some myself people are always commenting on how they look and then how light they are. But overall they are the most practical and strongest cases I have seen

Keith D Carver

Always had awesome experiences dealing with this company. I own a bunch of their flight cases now that has been with me around the world and back!

Ola Englund