Whether you’re new to playing the guitar or brushing up on your skills, success in playing all comes down to practice. Follow our 10 Ps for nailing the perfect routine: 
Playing the guitar always starts with a thought. The more you ponder playing and the good feelings you will experience, the more you’ll practice. Thoughts create action. Think about why you love to play and why you want to improve. 
Make the space for a practice session. Get your equipment together and place it in an area you are happy to practice. Perhaps even leave the guitar out of its case to remind you and keep your instrument in sight. 
To succeed in playing the guitar, you need to prioritise practice. Schedule a fixed time to practice daily or regularly. Ensure you look forward to the time and set reminders to remember why it’s essential for you to practice. 
Practice Plan 
Create a practice plan by writing down how long you will practice for and set blocks for areas you need to work on, such as new chords or scales. Ensure that within your plan, you practice something you enjoy. 
It is always helpful to print a one-page song, exercise, scale, or pattern to aid in practice. Set it out in front of you and break up the activity into chunks and work through in sections, so your focus is where it needs to be. 
Pay attention 
A good practice is aided by attention and focus. Our advice on print can help with this. Ensure you observe your playing and make gradual changes and adjustments to secure more significant improvements over time. Also, create a practice space, so you’re not disturbed and can concentrate fully. 
Probably our most important P. Persistence is everything in improving your play. Minor improvements help to build confidence, habits, and pace. Persist with your challenges and keep going. 
Progress is what you need to strive for with improving your playing. With progress comes expanding your skills and ensuring your playing is fun. Don’t strive for perfection; strive for improvement. 
Enjoyment of your practice is as important as making progress. Whether you’re practising a new song, scale, chord or solo, find the place where you enjoy your training and feel good. Play and have a good time! 
Pay Off 
If you keep all of our P’s in motion, it will pay off. The payoff is the improvement and joy you experience from practice and working through your learning journey. 
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