At Scott Dixon Inc, we are passionate about ensuring your special equipment is transported safely and securely – in the lightest way! 
Our cases can also be used to store your equipment safely; even the most experienced guitar owner should take time to store their equipment correctly. Ensuring your guitar is adequately stored can save time and money in the long run. 
It is more than likely; your guitar is comprised mainly of wood. Wood is prone to swelling while in damp conditions or dries out when exposed to heat, both of which can impact your instrument and alter sound and performance. The good news is guitars are made to last and here are our top tips for making them last for years to come. 
A high-quality case 
The investment in your guitar case is equally as crucial as in the guitar itself. A good case not only protects from scratches and other damage but can keep it safe from dirt, dust and sunlight. A guitar case that is portable and practical is a great way to store and protect securely. At Scott Dixon Inc, our cases are manufactured using military-grade aluminium and tested to the highest standards for moisture, fire and much more. Ensuring your case is not only light but made to last. 
Protect from extreme temperature and humidity 
Your beloved instrument is susceptible to humidity and temperature. Ensure you are keeping your guitar away from extreme changes in both areas. Ideally, you should store your guitar at around 20 degrees celsius and about 50% humidity. A good case such as our leading lightweight cases will help regulate temperature and maintain air levels around your guitar. 
Think about your strings 
The tension placed on your guitar’s neck can play a large part inadequately storing your guitar for long periods. The neck is susceptible to damage due to the strings’ pressure on the neck. Before storage, take some tension off the neck by unwinding the tuning pegs, but ensure they are not loose. 
To safely store your guitar in a leading Scott Dixon Inc case, get in touch with a member of the team today 
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