Our new marketing consultant Jo spent time visiting our premises and talking to John Dixon all about Scott Dixon Inc and the journey so far. 
How did the business start, John? 
The business had previously manufactured cases for organisations such as the police and Ministry of Defence and after one particular contract, we had a surplus of military-grade aluminium which we were authorised to dispose of or use. Due to the way we produce cases in a bespoke way, naturally, our inclination was to play with this material and see what we could produce. The outcome was a high-quality case for music equipment which was a fraction of the weight of others on the market. We use a unique manufacturing process for the aluminium which is patented along with our unique fittings for the cases to offer an extremely light and high-quality product. 
And how did you get this out to the market? 
As the music industry went increasingly global with lower-cost flights, we found an increased demand for lighter cases which significantly reduced the cost of transporting music equipment by air. Not only did we reduce the weight, but we manufactured the highest-grade separation cushioning and fittings to ensure our equipment was not only light but stored equipment securely. We secured a contract to supply Fender and our product underwent significant testing including being blown up in aviation fuel. Our cases stood the test not only of Fender but the Ministry of Defence in the UK and our cases are proven to last for a great number of years. 
What makes Scott Dixon Inc unique to other cases on the market? 
Due to the unique manufacturing process of our aluminium, and the bespoke design of our cases, we quickly became the go-to supplier for the public sector in the UK. We continued to innovate and transform the way important equipment was stored, transported, and protected as expensive technology flooded many markets. We have worked with the BBC, the ambulance service, the police for carrying and protecting firearms, and generally protect high-value life-saving equipment such as surgical technology or lasers and cameras. 
What about COVID and the pandemic? 
Naturally, March 2020 brought very worrying times for our business as the music industry was shut down and international travel was halted. We invested the time in growing our product range and listening to our passionate follower base. We reviewed and tweaked our extensive product range and production operations. We also adapted to the pandemic by producing products that would support in the world re-opening such as protective microphone screens. 
What are your plans for 2022? 
As a business that is passionate about music, we are always coming up with new ideas to improve and innovate our product and after taking the time to reflect we have commenced work with experts in business processes and marketing to enable us to hit the ground running when the restrictions were relaxed. We are looking forward to the music industry and international travel getting back on its feet and a whole new set of Scott Dixon Inc customers. 
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