If you are a guitarist, you need to take care of your instrument. You need to protect it from damage and scratches, as well as dirt and debris. A guitar case is the best way to do it, but there are still a surprising number of people who question whether or not they need to buy one. At Scott Dixon, we are firm believers in the importance of a guitar case. Not only will it protect your guitar, but also make it easier for you to carry around. 
Why You Need a Guitar Case 
If you have a guitar, you need a guitar case. It’s not just those who travel a lot and take their guitar from A to Be that need one, it’s anyone who wants to ensure their guitar is protected as much as possible. Not only is a case there to protect a guitar from being dropped or scratched, but it’s also there to reduce the chances of dirt, debris, grease and oil building up in between uses. After all, no one wants to pick their guitar up to find it’s covered in dust. 
Choosing The Perfect Guitar Case 
Now you know just how important it is to have a guitar case, it’s time to choose one. There are different types of cases available on the market that can suit your needs. The guitar case is a protective container for your guitar, and their importance shouldn’t be underestimated. They are usually made of wood, metal, or plastic. At Scott Dixon, we focus our attention on lightweight and aluminium cases. The main purpose of the case is to protect the guitar from scratches, dust, and other possible damage. 
Hard Shell Vs. Soft Shell Guitar Cases 
You can choose between hard shell cases or soft shell cases, depending on what you prefer and what suits your budget best. Though a hard shell case is more expensive than a soft shell case, it does provide a better level of protection to the guitar. Plus, they are usually easier to carry around. This is because they are lighter in weight than their counterparts. There are also a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from, which allows you to choose a guitar case that fits your specific instrument perfectly. 
At Scott Dixon, you will find a number of high quality and lightweight guitar cases. All of our cases are aluminium and recyclable, and they are easy to transport due to their lightweight properties. These are cases that protect your guitar, whilst being convenient and easy to use. 
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